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اللغات البرمجية والمهارات : Our History  
Based on customers first, The principle of good faith first. Long - term cooperative relations have been established in many enterprises. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit and negotiate business.e. In2016, the compant It is specialized in producing pet products. The main manufacturer of cat litter. The main products are tofu cat litter. Pine cat litter. Peng bentonite cat litter, The company has an independent R&D team. Our research and development department is developing new varieties of cat sand for customer selection. The annuaThe company is located in Xiazhuang, Gaomi city, WeiFang City Shandong Province, China. Gomi New pet industry and trade limited company l output of our company is increasing year by year. Products are exported to Japan, Korea, Australia, Russia, UK, etc.
Our Factory  
Our company has two automatic production lines of tofu and cat sand. It has two of the most advanced production lines in the world. Annual output of cat litter 80000 ton.
Our Product  
.Tofu cat litter
.Corn cat litte
.Plant litter
.Peng bentonite cat litter
.Pine cat litter
Product Application  
Pet supplies
Production Equipment  
Automatic intelligent wool yarn production line. China Cats Clean Natural Tofu And Cat Litter suppliers
الموقع: http://www.cat-litters.com/
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